Landscape Design

At Rossmere, we create spaces that speak to you and showcase your personality to the world. Fancy yourself a herbalist? We’ll indulge in plants with medicinal properties. Enjoy your coffee with clients outside? Let’s explore colorful, pungent flowers to attract the spontaneity of butterflies and birds.

Throughout our design process, we keep in mind the eight basic principles of landscape design: unity, simplicity, transition, balance, color, line, proportion and repetition.

Maybe a complete overhaul isn’t required. If you’ve recently moved into your new home or you’ve acquired a new business place, a small-scale revitalizing project could be the announcement you need. A refreshed entranceway or new greenery can bring everything to life.

A plausible design will balance your dreams with your needs, budget, and interest (or not) in maintenance. We’ll work with what you’ve already got, such as buildings and fences. Trees, shrubs and flowers bring our concepts to life, while finishing details create points of interest. A rock garden becomes a hide and seek locale for your kids; a birdbath becomes the flock’s local watering hole. And voila! A well-designed space that will make your heart sing and your soul delight.

Landscape Construction & Installation

Once your design is in place, it’s time to get our hands dirty! Heaps of rich, black earth replaces overgrown shrubbery. Vibrant sod takes the place of a bleak, empty canvas. Landscape construction can be intensive, but rest assured, we consider ourselves artists. We keep disruptive noise and clutter to a minimum.

There are two key components to construction of your new space, each offering a very personal opportunity for creativity.


Softscapes are the natural pieces such as shrubbery, trees, perennials, grass and mulch. They set the tone for your space and infuse with natural beauty. When we talk about the timeline for your landscape design, we take the longterm approach with softscapes, giving trees and shrubs time to mature, flowers time to bloom, and you the pleasure of being able to see it all come to life through the varied stages of growth.


As you can guess, hardscapes include stonework and pathways, fencing, decks, fireplaces, outdoor rooms, lighting and water features. If softscapes are the beauty, hardscapes are the brawn, the pieces that bring function to your backyard. Hardscapes are easier to swap out as time, trends and budgets evolve.

Our natural philosophy and long-term outlook influence every landscape construction decision, from effective drainage to green waste management. And we’re continually adding tools that operate on battery power, instead of fossil fuels. These special pieces are not only safer for the environment, but for our landscape artisans as well, and eliminate the noise pollution of gaspowered equipment.


Landscape Maintenance

To truly thrive, your landscape needs consistent care. We are happy to create a plan for you for ongoing upkeep, including schedules, products, tips and tricks. But maybe you want the meticulous shrubs and picky flowers without all of the personal upkeep. That’s where we come in. Rossmere offers a full menu of year-round maintenance services, and you can choose how dirty you’d like your hands to get!

We’ll keep your lawn healthy, with mowing, aeration, organic fertilization and weed control. Leave your water features and seasonal colour displays to us. Your trees, shrubs and beds will love our attention to pruning, irrigation, and disease and pest management. And those larger spring and fall cleanup jobs that are groan-inducing for you, are nothing but a seasonal pleasure for us! While we perform scheduled maintenance, we’ll watch for broken fences, expired lights and unsightly graffiti. We’ll bring your blue box back from the curb and roll up the garden hose.


Winter Maintenance

Residential Relief

If you’re a snowbird, or simply unable to keep up with our harsh winters, we’re also here to help. We’ll maintain your driveway and sidewalks, with deicing, sanding, blowing and hauling as required. We want to ensure you feel taken care of – year round.

Commercial Cleanup

As a business owner or manager, our unpredictable Manitoba winters can create significant access issues for both you and your employees, resulting in productivity downtime and transport inconvenience. When the winter snows fall and the winds blow hard, your workplace parking lots and access roads needn’t stay piled high for days on end. Rossmere offers competitive winter maintenance programs to take the worry off your mind and put the onus square on us to ensure your private lots and roadways are free and clear for 24 hour business access, seven days a week.


Rossmere Design Principles

  • Unity

    unityCreate a feeling of harmony by working within a theme that’s significant to you. A good example would be using the unity of color between your house and the landscape around it. Your house may have teal and blue infused into its color scheme, that the landscape draws upon and picks up. Your house may also be taller than wide, so vertical elements can be incorporated into the landscape build out to pick up on this as well.

  • Simplicity

    simplicityUse only a few colours, textures, or plants to allow the inherent beauty of your landscape to shine. A simple design can be calming, and yet striking and functional.

  • Transition

    transitionHelp the eye to move through your landscape with ease. Use the scale of plants and the spectrum of colours to create a feeling of space and comfort.

  • Balance

    balanceCreate a formal look by using similar plants in a symmetrical design with meticulous maintenance. An asymmetrical design lends a feeling of natural beauty.

  • Color

    colorShowcase your personality by lavishly using your favourite shade, highlighting a specific area with a bright pop, or creating a sense of drama with an all-white scene.

  • Line

    pathLead guests through your space or invite them to frolic at their leisure. People instinctively understand how to use a space by interpreting the lines.

  • Proportion

    ProportionUse the scale of trees, shrubs, flowers and other features to maximize your space and create a pleasing environment. Long-term planning ensures your trees won’t outgrow your space!

  • Repetition

    RepetitionBring cohesion to your space by repeating specific colours, textures or sizes throughout your landscape. Repetition can create drama or fun, depending on your choices.