Organic Nutrients & Landscape Solutions

Landscape design is in transition. More than ever before, Rossmere clients are embracing the wisdom of butterflies, bees and bugs. Environmentally conscious property owners want to learn about low maintenance irrigation and prairie perennials. Even traditionalists who dream of an expanse of beautiful grass are turning to routine aeration and organic fertilizers.


Environmentally conscious planning means we can follow nature’s lead with as little interference as possible. A welldesigned landscape creates effective drainage. Thoughtful flower choices attract beneficial critters to control pests. Grass clippings and fallen leaves become mulch instead of landfill waste. If additional support is required, our solutions are natural and organic.

We help people to embrace the outdoors while minimizing their impact. When we understand the soil as a living, breathing ecosystem, we can help it to thrive. From soil testing to slow-growing grass plants, from alternative ground cover to composting, there are many ways to be an environmental champion. We believe nature is our best teacher. We are joyful students.


Our Green Commitment



From carpooling to reusing our garden pots, Rossmere believe in creating the change we want to see in the world. We aim to embody this philosophy every day. Why wait for our governments to get on board? Mindful planning can make a difference now.

We’re continually improving our green services and we consider it our responsibility to pass on our knowledge. The new mom across the street will love our quiet battery-operated hedge trimmer. We’re happy to talk about effective drainage and irrigation with your neighbour when he admires your plush lawn. Becoming a champion for the environment doesn’t happen overnight, but slow, steady progress will change one home, street and suburb at a time.

At Rossmere, we always go the greenest route possible, in our designs, in our sourcing and in our process. We work hard to limit our impact on the land, water resources and environment. Being green and making conscious choices doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or restrictive. In fact, it can be satisfying, fulfilling and fun.


Energy Efficient Landscapes

A well-designed landscape generates efficiencies, both in nature and in your wallet. Rossmere custom landscape solutions reduce electricity bills, save time and energy, and lighten our environmental footprint. If it’s good for the planet and your bottom line too, we consider it a stroke of organic genius.

Why fight nature when you can harness its powers for good? In the summer, specific tree placement shades the kids in the backyard, and inside, generates the cooling effect of an impressive air conditioner! During winter, a wellplanned windbreak provides protection, slashes your heating bills and lessens the load of a snowfall.

Native plants with robust root systems conserve moisture, slow erosion and prevent run-off. Rock gardens are focal points that require little maintenance. Collecting grey water is easy and can be repurposed for your minimal irrigation needs. The more efficient your landscape, the more energy and resources we save, for you and for our planet!