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A History of Landscaping Knowledge and Performance

Geoff Fedowich Rossmere Custom Landscapes

Geoff Fedowich
Principal & CEO

Geoff has been creating and maintaining customized landscapes since he launched Rossmere Custom Landscapes in the late 1990’s. For 20 years, he has led a passionate team of horticulturists to execute his residential and commercial designs. Geoff truly believes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and every member of his team brings unique strengths to each project. Rossmere’s team is comprised of enthusiastic organic artists, committed to the environment in every way as they create your ultimate landscape.

Our individualized landscape planning process is tailored to your gardening background, budget and maintenance abilities. We’re always eager to showcase native species, but if you’re looking for something more exotic, we’ve got a way with unique plants as well. And if you love a traditionally cheerful flower garden, you’ll be thrilled with our displays!

The Rossmere Green Team

When you choose Rossmere, you’re choosing a team that’s passionate about what they do. Geoff is happiest when he’s watching his clients explore their uniquely customized landscapes, and he’s surrounded himself with people who are as gaga for greenery as he is! The Rossmere team are nearly as enthusiastic and passionate about the art of horticulture and arboriculture as Geoff is himself (and that’s saying a LOT!).

Horticultural Touch

Effective landscape design and maintenance is so much more than keeping the lawn mowed. Civilizations have always known about the healing properties of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Studies have shown how time spent surrounded by greenery can ease blood pressure and stress. We consider it a pleasure to create profound change in both your green space, and your peace of mind. A landscape filled with nature’s best colours, smells and textures will revitalize and inspire you. We know, because we live it every day!

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Hear From Our Clients!

  • “Geoff and his team at Rossmere have been providing landscape design and maintenance services for our family’s large residential property for over 15 years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Besides timely and regular maintenance, Geoff’s team also proposes new softscape and hardscape additions and improvements as the property transitions through its annual phases. A perfect combination of creativity and responsiveness, we wouldn’t go anywhere else. ”

    - Ray, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “I was searching online for a higher end lawn care maintenance provider that I could both trust and receive high quality service from, when I landed on Rossmere Custom Landscapes’ website. I could tell immediately that Geoff and his team seemed to care more, as his site reflected a more confident and polished story than most. I wasn’t disappointed! After four years of spring to fall TLC lawn care maintenance, I’m still as pleased as the first day Geoff’s team came to spruce up my yard.”

    - Grace, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “As a commercial building property owner close to the heart of downtown, we’ve always wanted our space to have as much “green” as possible, and Geoff and his team have always been able to add that finishing touch with limited opportunity for extensive landscaping features. It’s amazing what some creatively placed flowering pots and small shrubs can do! Along with keeping the grassy areas neatly trimmed and well watered, our building property’s outdoorsy character feels fresh and inviting all summer long. Thanks Geoff!”

    - Neil, Winnipeg, Manitoba