Pet Friendly Landscapes

Beautiful Landscapes with Your Pet in Mind

As pet lovers and owners ourselves, we know that the bond between pet and owner is sacred. Rossmere is dedicated to safe environments of every member of your family. Often this means turning to organic solutions. We believe that a chemical free space is better for everyone and everything (including your furry friends!). You don't want your pet romping through grass coated in chemicals or sniffing trees that have been sprayed with pesticides. You want to be sure that your oasis is safe for even the most adventurous member of the family!

Pet safety doesn't end with chemical free solutions. There are plants that are harmless to humans that can be deadly to animals. We’ll make sure that the beautiful foliage displayed in your yard are pet friendly.

Please inform us of your pet needs in our initial meeting so we can plan accordingly.

Rudy The Office Dog

Rudy-Rossmere-LandscapingThis is Rudy the Rossmere pooch in charge. She’s a bit low to the ground and her horizontally challenged nature is what inspires us to make the outdoors as safe as possible for her and all of her furry friends. (We don’t want that floofy coat covered in toxins.)

Rudy spends most of her day napping and smelling the flowers, but we love her anyway.

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  • “Geoff and his team at Rossmere have been providing landscape design and maintenance services for our family’s large residential property for over 15 years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Besides timely and regular maintenance, Geoff’s team also proposes new softscape and hardscape additions and improvements as the property transitions through its annual phases. A perfect combination of creativity and responsiveness, we wouldn’t go anywhere else. ”

    - Ray, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “I was searching online for a higher end lawn care maintenance provider that I could both trust and receive high quality service from, when I landed on Rossmere Custom Landscapes’ website. I could tell immediately that Geoff and his team seemed to care more, as his site reflected a more confident and polished story than most. I wasn’t disappointed! After four years of spring to fall TLC lawn care maintenance, I’m still as pleased as the first day Geoff’s team came to spruce up my yard.”

    - Grace, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “As a commercial building property owner close to the heart of downtown, we’ve always wanted our space to have as much “green” as possible, and Geoff and his team have always been able to add that finishing touch with limited opportunity for extensive landscaping features. It’s amazing what some creatively placed flowering pots and small shrubs can do! Along with keeping the grassy areas neatly trimmed and well watered, our building property’s outdoorsy character feels fresh and inviting all summer long. Thanks Geoff!”

    - Neil, Winnipeg, Manitoba