Balance your Dreams with your Needs

At Rossmere, we create spaces that speak to you and showcase your personality. Fancy yourself a herbalist? We’ll indulge in plants with medicinal properties. Enjoy your coffee outside? Let’s explore colorful flowers to attract butterflies and birds.

Maybe a complete overhaul isn’t required. If you’ve recently moved into your new home or you’ve acquired a new business place, a small-scale revitalizing project could be the announcement you need. A refreshed entranceway or new greenery can bring everything to life.

Our custom design will balance your dreams with your needs, budget, and interest (or not) in maintenance. We’ll work with what you’ve already got (like buildings and fences) adding trees, shrubs, and flowers to bring our concepts to life, and finishing details create points of interest. The result? A well-designed space that will make your heart sing and your soul delight.

Winnipeg Landscape Design

Our Design Principles

Throughout our design process, we keep in mind the eight basic principles of landscape design: unity, simplicity, transition, balance, color, line, proportion and repetition.

Create a feeling of harmony by working within a theme that’s significant to you. A good example would be using the unity of colour between your house and the landscape around it. If your home may has teal and blue infused into its colour scheme, the landscape should draw upon and pick that up. Your house may also be taller than wide, so vertical elements can be incorporated into the landscape build out to pick up on this as well.

Use only a few colours, textures, or plants to allow the inherent beauty of your landscape to shine. A simple design can be calming, yet striking and functional.

Use the scale of plants and the spectrum of colours to create a feeling of space and comfort and the eye to move through your landscape with ease.

Create a formal look by using similar plants in a symmetrical design with meticulous maintenance. An asymmetrical design lends a feeling of natural beauty.

Showcase your personality by using your favourite shade lavishly, highlighting a specific area with a bright pop, or creating a sense of drama with an all-white scene.

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Hear From Our Clients!

“As a commercial building property owner close to the heart of downtown, we’ve always wanted our space to have as much “green” as possible, and Geoff and his team have always been able to add that finishing touch with limited opportunity for extensive landscaping features. It’s amazing what some creatively placed flowering pots and small shrubs can do! Along with keeping the grassy areas neatly trimmed and well watered, our building property’s outdoorsy character feels fresh and inviting all summer long. Thanks Geoff!”

- Neil, Winnipeg, Manitoba